Hollr x Pennon Group

Using Data & Insight to Make the Strategy Flow


The Opportunity


Pennon engaged Hollr to help inform and influence its marketing and communications strategy for Autumn and Winter.  A restriction on hosepipe usage had been in place throughout the year and Pennon needed to communicate to customers and stakeholders quickly and efficiently ahead of announcements regarding the maintaining (or possible lifting) restrictions in the coming months. This was a business critical piece of work at a critical time.


Our Approach


We proposed a data-driven approach to effectively inform Pennon’s strategy. We designed the testing of opinions, motivations and current/future behaviours of residents across the South-West of England. Hollr collaborated with our in-house data agency Opinion Matters to manage and deliver qualitative and quantitative research as part of South-West Water’s development of messaging and testing collateral for its ‘Stop The Drop’ campaign




The research consisted of developing, hosting and reporting two surveys. Firstly, a sample of 2,000 nationally representative adults in the UK to provide insight into the national mood in relation to water saving incentive. We sampled 500 utility billpayers living in Devon and Cornwall to compare any differences to respondents across the South-West. We also conducted three online focus groups of utility payers from Devon and Cornwall to test feedback on messaging and marketing collateral to inform final designs and incentive strategy.

Creating Value


Hollr delivered results that informed the company’s strategic approach to its ‘Stop The Drop’ campaign. We delivered end-to-end research and reporting including: research recruitment & incentives, research questions & focus group scripts,  development consultancy,  compliance and survey build. We reported via an interactive Data Drill Deck & Excel. The data analysis & presentation of insights flowed through the creative style and strategic messaging of critical Pennon’s ‘Stop The Drop’ campaign.