Who We Are

We craft expert strategies that elevate your brand’s communication in a crowded communications and marketing landscape.

At the core of Hollr is a deep-seated expertise, a collective talent refined over more than three decades of pioneering work in broadcasting and strategic communication.

Our team prides itself on our data-driven approach, leveraging industry-leading research to inform strategies that truly connect with audiences in an attention economy​​.​​



Chris Mounsey-Thear 

Managing Partner

Chris Mounsey-Thear is a wizard of high-impact consumer PR and marketing campaigns. At Hollr, Chris is the mind behind activations that command attention and inspire action. With a rich history of award-winning campaigns, Chris makes sure our clients don’t just join the conversation–they lead it.


With over a decade spent at the helm of Freuds Group, he’s mastered the art of turning strategic visions into captivating narratives for hundreds of leading brands.




Helen Moore

Managing Partner

Helen Moore is a creative powerhouse who previously held senior positions at broadcast specialist markettiers for more than 16 years. Her portfolio is a kaleidoscope of award-winning, high-profile campaigns that have made a huge impact both in the UK and internationally.


Helen consistently pushes the boundaries of brand communication, bringing a blend of smart strategy and her own distinctive style to every campaign.

Her deep understanding of audience behaviour and a sharp instinct for storytelling positions her perfectly to navigate and leverage the complex media landscapes of today’s attention economy.




Nicholas Minter-Green

Managing Partner

Nicholas (Nicky) Minter-Green is a highly respected media visionary with over two decades of experience leading businesses in communications, broadcasting, publishing, and brand marketing. Nicky’s career has taken him from the bustling newsrooms of the BBC to crafting legendary campaigns for giants like Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Jaguar Land Rover, and Virgin Atlantic at TVC group, showcasing his creative innovation and media excellence.


Nicky’s leadership as Global Managing Director propelled TVC group into the digital age, establishing them as a dominant force in full-service communications. His vision resulted in the agency being acquired by The Economist Group in 2012. Shortly after, he established The Economist Films, propelling the esteemed newspaper into video production and powerful storytelling. Nicky’s passion for merging TV and brand stories drove him to establish Parable, his own agency. There, he produced content for Channel 4, ITV, Amazon, and BBC3, while also working on branding initiatives for major tech and consumer brands worldwide.




We have a rich history of creating and evolving broadcast strategies that not only amplify brand messages but change the world by connecting with audiences on a human level​​​​.

We craft narratives that resonate and engage, whether it’s through live virtual events​​, podcasting strategies that drive business ROI​​, or creative solutions that disrupt traditional service models​​.